Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

To people who read my blog

My dear,

Today I'm a happy girl. I've been up to the moon since last Saturday, and oh life suddenly seem much more beautiful.

Anyway, I could be blogging about couple love, or attractions, and be a totally ignorant girl. Instead, please bear with my thoughts about something else.

As we know, news of the horrible earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan yesterday (Friday 11/03/11), taking away thousands of lives, shook the world. And that's not the first nor only time we've heard, seen, or experienced natural disasters. Devastating.

Picture courtesy of BBC News. View more pictures

Today I  received an email from a stranger, I'd like to share it here. The sender has a point, we MUST take time out to appreciate life.

"You woke up 2day - did you say THANK YOU God/Allah/Yehovah/Elohim/Ishvara, Thank you LIFE??????

When certain events transpire in our world, we are saddened by the plight of those affected. We are quick to share sentiments of grief - but do we really understand the pain; do we take time to grasp the sorrow, or do we momentarily ponder on the tragedy and immediately become absorbed in our own glorious day? Do we not often lose interest in it by the next week?

 Yes, we express sadness for those affected, but do we really try to imagine the scope of their sadness.COULD YOU IMAGINE THEIR PLIGHT? Yet, how often are we TRULY thankful for what we have ourselves. Take the time to place urself in others' shoes and imagine what they are going through. Take the time to APPRECIATE that which u have - those who have much, and those of us who have little.

The current earthquake and tsunami events sparked from Japan 11March11 and spanning the Pacific region, have been described by Dr. James Thompson as "a great experiment in psychology". Undoubtedly, this will be a great experiment in HUMANITY. How will WE respond? How will YOU respond?

With the spate of the "earthquake phenomena" affecting our earth in recent years, many have called into question the divine nature of our existence, and the end of the world. But yet, how do you respond? How does it affect you?

Many of us are spared the horrors of the world; We are spared the sufferings that others face abroad, and in our own countries, and even in our homes, and so we have a seemingly nonchalance about our own lives. We bask in our own good fortune. But remember, today it may be me, but tomorrow it may be YOU in misfortune.

So, TAKE THE TIME TO STOP AND THINK! Not just today because something is happening today, but always; everyday. Take the time to stop and think of your past, your now, your future and your after. Take the time to feel the sorrow of those in distress. Feel for others, while appreciating your own. AND always, take the time to THANK!!!