Sunday, April 10, 2011

On a lazy Sunday

A lazy Sunday.

I haven't left the room since 4:00am. Not a single step. This is one of those days you just feel like doing absolutely nothing, snuggling up on bed watching boring shows on TV. And not care about what the world is going through outside.

Okay, F1 race was on in Sepang track today. Everybody suspected it would rain, but it didn't. Vettel won again. Well done.

I fell asleep after the 12th round, and woke up to catch the last 2 rounds of the race. Not so much of a Formula 1 enthusiast, hey?

I don't know those good looking, talented racers in personal, nor am I linked to them in any way (not that I know of), so I won't pretend it was deadly important to me to follow their every steps, to know who's hero or zero.

You know, when you're so busy carrying on the loads of the whole world, you risk forgetting what really matters to you.

Did you wonder how your family is doing today?
Did you call them and ask how they are?

We can be busy, get promotions, run businesses, create more money and more money and more money. We think we're ok, until the little "busy" bubble burst and we ask ourselves, "What the hell?"

Many successful people are happy not because they are rich, but because they find great pleasure in what they do, in what matters to them.

Just my simple thoughts. :)

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  1. seriously, your thoughts are really interesting. i enjoy reading them :)

    keep it going!!