Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's your Passion?

I’ve always believe that life is a journey inside one’s self, rather than outside. Or speaking in Marsh Marlow’s terms, “self-actualization”.

Some people were born knowing what they want to do with their lives. Some discovered their passions in early childhood (The born-to-do). Those are the lucky ones. Unfortunately, they only account for 2% of the entire world population.

As for us, the remaining 98%, chances are we spend a lot of our time and thinking just to try to figure out what on Earth we are after. Here are a few things that I find that people desire:
  • A great career that earns big money
  • A happy family with lovely kids
  • A journey all over the world

Many of the times we will get lost, and we ask ourselves the same question over and over with great hopes that we will stumble upon the answer one day, “What is my passion in life?”

If you like to read, you may out some suggestions to answer that question, such as:
  • What you like to do in your free time
  • Your hobbies, habits
  • What you think about a lot
  • Where you see yourself in (x,y,z) years

I find that these clues do help a bit with the process, but hold on a second, what if I’m just a normal person doing normal things? In fact, I AM a normal person. I like to go swimming or read or sleep or watch movies. I like anything with taste (again, that is personal). I think a lot about how to be rich, how to spend my money if I have money; I think about love too – I don’t want to be lonely. And I have absolutely no clue where I’m gonna be in 5 years, 10 years. Well ok I’m lying, I do want to be a successful business woman running around town in her nice shoes and shift dress (or a nice skirt suit) with a big satisfactory smile on her face. I’ve had that image in mind since I was a little girl – I admire the powerful image.

The problem is, I’m not too sure what I want to do to get there.

So don’t waste your money and time buying and reading TOO MANY self-help books, they won’t give you the answer. More often than not it will leave you inspired, but lost – still.

However, I do recommend Napoleon Hill. No one is greater an inspiration than he was – and is.

Now back to the main question, “what is my passion?” Or bluntly, “What the hell do I want to do with my life?” As for me, I struggle with this question every day. I find myself deeply motivated one day, merely bothered the next day. I get bored easily, and I’m confused. Should I just get a hot job in a promising or well-paid industry and go with the flow? Or maybe I should get a normal job and live a normal life? For many starters, this option may seem like a perfect choice. No risks involved. However, think carefully about this, will you be happy with it 5 years from now? Will you still have the drive to wake up and get ready for it? Will it bring you the most joy?

I say, “You never know if you don’t try.”

So here’s my list of what I want to do next:
  • Learn Bakeries from my aunt
  • Learn Mandarin
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week

I tend to get greedy and list down a lot of things, but what’s the point of writing if I will not fulfill them? Therefore I’m trying to be more realistic this time.

I have yet to find out where this will lead me. However, I figure that I like food in general and I like cakes, so it wouldn’t hurt to learn something new. After all, life is about discovering, isn’t it? ;)


  1. act i agree with u...we always have to know our passion in our life..tat can make our life more beautiful,right?i like to reading...but i not sure what u mean by the 'self-help books'..is it sth like inspirational book? i think books is like choices..if we get wrong choices even we struggle we wouldnt success..in fact,get a right choices are more important than struggle..especially in our life,right?

  2. A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for!

  3. Duy Fish?
    is that you?