Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boyfriend criteria

After a Friday's night out with my girls, dancing away in high heels and drinking red wine, I awoke at 9:00am this morning to Mommy on BBM (yes, Daddy created a Facebook page AND got a Blackberry to chat with his runaway daughters - my sister and I). Fast forward a few hours, I'm lounging in the living room, listening to Mario's "Let me love you" in this beautiful tropical weather. And BAM, I feel romantic. So I decided to make criteria and to-do list for my future boyfriend. Here it goes:


1.     Watch "The Bucket List" together. Crying is optional.
2.     Drink red wine together. Getting tipsy is a must, getting drunk is not.
3.     Cook together. I like guys who can cook.
4.     Treat each other with love and respect. When we can trust and respect each other no more, it will be time to say goodbye. :( 
5.     Have great sex. And have it often.
6.     Go shopping for his clothes.
7.     Hug each other often. Cuddle and snuggle often.
8.     Have sushi at least once a month. And keep McDonald's to a minimum, please.
9.     Have a deep conversation now and then.
10. Show PDA - it's cute. But groping each other in public is a DON'T.
11. Respect each other's working time. Loving each other does not mean texting every 5 seconds.


1.     Take me bungee jumping one day.
2.     Be fine if I decide to go for a pixie crop.
3.     Be cool with my guy friends.
4.     Be ambitious. Entrepreneurship is a plus.
5.     Have a kind heart.
6.     Understand my mood swings and treat them with ease.
7.     Let me drive as well.
8.     Be tidy and clean. Good personal hygiene is very, very important.
9.     Like swimming as much as I do.
10. Be taller than me in high heels, but not too tall for me in flats. (I’m 5’3”)
11. Have a great broad smile.
12. Love me, and only me. Flirting around is not accepted.

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