Monday, January 31, 2011

And I love her so...

 Winter time
It's cold and dry where I am
Amidst the warmth of family love
I called my little sister
Knowing she would neglect to moisturize
As she hates the stickiness of Vaseline
So I put my face cream on her pink, slightly flaky cheeks
She said it hurt, of course!
I felt a sweet tenderness
Her chubby baby face lightened my heart, even though she was complaining
Then I dabbed lip balm on her lips
Warned her in advance, "Do not lick it"
She commented, "It smells so nice", then licked it anyway
"Sweeeet", she said
I gave her a half-scolding look, pinched her cheeks
Then off she ran, back to the other kids
I smiled
Happiness is so simple.

Haiphong, 30th January 2011

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