Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random thoughts over a cup of latte

Hello world! :)

Do you enjoy chilling in a café with your favorite cuppa latte and a sweet, delectable piece of cheesecake?

Well, that's what I'm doing right now.

Not the ideal way to spend a Saturday night, but since all the love birds are being, well, love birds, I guess I can take a little Me time. :)

I like the way cheesecakes melt in my mouth. Whoever invented cheesecake must have been a genius.

Conversations... Sometimes we talk just for the sake of conversations.
When words have no meaning but to be spoken and listened, not discussed and heard.

Like diet coke is supposed to be healthier.

We do things, thinking that we are fully conscious of our choices, but then somehow in the end we realize we were only dream-walking.

Life loses its beauty when we live in doubt
For fear of dishonest people
And so we give dishonesty in return.

Can you live true to your heart? 


  1. Hi! Vickram here! I must say your thoughts run deep. Really deep.

    I'm really impressed! I never thought there was another person who actually thought of conversations as being hollow sometimes.

  2. I'm sure we feel that way at times. But we keep talking because we are afraid of being "the boring one".

  3. Very Deep indeed.

    Can we live true to our hearts?
    Our heart is deceitful above all things don’t you think?

    I believe Cheese cake originated from the Romans. Some said it went back 200BC.


  4. Doubt can be good and can be bad. All depends how you apply it in your life. However, we sometimes need to take a leap of faith in life.